La Fourmi Rouge collections like his trips, they are called the same: Bali, Pondicherry, Moorea, Marrakech, Nosy Be.
Each collection is emblematic of a material or a specific technique associated with the iconic material of the creative: flax string.
Discover all Isabelle Mathieu collections.



  • Bali

    The metal beads associated with linen thread gives a youthful appearance to the jewelry made by craftsmen. This collection is at the forefront of trends and is worn with all styles, from modern to classic. You can wear these necklaces according to your desires, your moods, your outfits, city or country, or casual chic to enhance your style.

  • Pondichery

    Aerial necklaces and exceptionally light hook on various colors of cotton yarn and a multitude of small metal beads, white pearls or Swarovski pearls.

    These jewels give meaning and resonance to the style, character and mood. A touch of originality, a pinch of creation, inspiration over travel to this unique collection.


  • Moorea

    Softness and pleasure for this collection of handcrafted beaded necklaces and linen. Symbol of beauty and purity, the pearl is a classic and timeless always appreciated. At the forefront of trends, Moorea necklaces are worn with all styles, from modern to classic through the sport to more chic. Discover Moorea entirely handmade collection.

  • Marrakech

    Mix between tradition and modernity, these ethnic necklaces of hammered metal and linen thread are essential for jewelry original style.

    These linen jewelry are for women of character, natural charm, expressive and elegant. Easy to wear, these flax jewelry accompany any outfit giving them an oriental inspiration.

  • Nosy Be

    Multitudes of small beads strung on twine of flax make these necklaces jewelry with elegant lines, sensual maintaining an airy lightness. These linen necklaces and beads illuminate your face at all times. Discover the Collection Nosy Be handcrafted.

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La Fourmi Rouge

Isabelle Mathieu, créatrice de bijoux

Isabelle Mathieu travaille cette belle matière naturelle qu’est le lin qui donne un esprit contemporain, une allure féminine et un style original. La fourmi rouge vous laisse découvrir la collection qu´elle a faite pour vous.